Historical Determinants of the UK

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  • Historical Determinants of the UK
    • The sociological history and are older than the USA and Australia e.g. the development of the nation started thousands of years ago
    • There was no frontier spirit but instead there was a policy of aggressive expansion overseas which created an empire
    • Sport helped to establish UK traditions in the Empire and in turn the Empire influenced the development of sport in the world.
    • Cricket was played across the entire British Empire.
      • The values of the game reflected the British class system and English Values
    • The greatest developmental influence on UK sport came from the reformed English Public school system
    • Public schools established the views that taking part is more important than winning it was associated with the 'Gentleman Amateur' sportsman
    • The combination of good sportsman ship and moral integrity with effort became the main aim in sport
    • Commercialism was adopted in the case study sports in the late 20th Century


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