Outdoor Education and High School sport in USA and UK


Outdoor education is in high regard in the USA due to the frontier legacy, changing natural geography, and natural beauty.

It is seen as important for people to appreciate the natural landscape.

The 'great outdoors' is seen as a great way to facilitate the learning of physical education.

Summer Camps:

State- Funded by the government, often very cheap and non-luxurious.

Commercial- Funded by big business' in order to make money (capitalism)

Run by ethical or religious groups.

There are also many different types: Weight Loss, Elite academic students, special needs etc.

The most popular are ones with outdoor and physical activity.

Kids feel they are replicating frontier spirit, especially in activities such as campfires. This reinforces national pride.


  • Promotes physical activity.
  • New skills.
  • Independence.
  • Cultural experiences.
  • Self discovery.
  • Knowledge of the outdoors.

High School Inter Mural Sport:

Emphasis on big four sports. Only Ice Hockey played in bigger schools with correct facilities.

Girls tend to take part in track and field events, volleyball and gymnastics.

The State High School Athletics Association overlooks all competition and have branches in every state.

They believe that the competition enriches the whole education aspect of school. There is no federal funding provided.

The 'A' system is used to classify schools, a small school would be classified as an A conference, whereas the larger schools may be AAAAA conferences. In order to…


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