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Boxing and baseball were originally seen as `the people's sports'
Baseball was established in the late 1800s and its first world series was
played in 1903. Baseball teams e.g. The Cincinnati Red Stockings became
professional after the National Association of Baseball Players (NABP) refused
to pay players for lost time while they played.
Boxing existed as a middle class manly pursuit as well as acting as a stepping
stone for those from poor backgrounds to get a better life.
Horse racing and golf were established quite early in the USA as professional
sports. Neither of these were undertaken at college level
Football and Basketball were later established as elite sports. They emerged
in the 1930's mainly from college teams. The American football association
was formed in the 1920's. The American Basketball League was formed in 1925,
becoming the National Basketball League in 1938 and existing now as the
National Basketball Association (NBA).…read more

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The sports scholarship system is a way of entering higher education
for many Americans. These are given in many subject areas, but
mainly in sport. In the amateur system many felt that this was the
same as paying the sportsmen and women so they were able to dedicate
themselves to sport the same way a professional could.
This meant that most `amateur' American athletes were not eligible
for competition. Although these views were common, they never had
much influence and the scholarship system has recently become much
more widespread and therefore more acceptable.
There has been a broadened access for black sportspeople, especially
in basketball scholarships. However some asay that this has led to
`white flight' - where white people simply move in to toher
things as they feel they cannot compete with the black people.
This scholarship system is now part of part of a huge system of
excellance that has developed with virtually no central funding.…read more

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