Combined Science - Nervous System


The nervous system is what lets you react to what goes on around you, so you'd find life tough without it.
The Central Nervous System Coordinates a Response
1) The nervous system is made up of neurones (nerve cells) , which go to all parts of the body.
2) The body has lots of sensory receptors, which can detect a change in your environment (a stimulus) . Different sensory receptors detect different stimuli. For example, receptors in your eyes detect light, and receptors in your skin detect touch (pressure) and temperature change.
3) When a stimulus is detected by receptors, the information is sent as nervous (electrical) impulses along sensory neurones to the central nervous system (CNS) .
4) The CNS consists of the brain and spinal cord.
5) The CNS coordinates the response (in other words, it decides what to do about the stimulus and tells something to do it) .
6) The CNS sends information to an effector (muscle or gland) along a motor neurone. The effector…


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