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Anaerobic respiration Cellular Biodiesel Diesel fuel made from
A respiration in the absence of plant materials.
Abdomen The lower region of the oxygen. Biomass The amount of biological
body. In humans it contains the material in an organism.
Anomalous A measurement that is
digestive organs, kidneys, etc. Biomass fuel…

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another variable. You can only be conclusion must not go beyond structure broken down and can no
reasonably certain of this when the data available. longer catalyse a reaction.
you have valid and reliable Constrict To narrow. Dependent variable The variable
evidence. E.g. increasing light Continuous variable A continuous…

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Double circulation The separate experimentation on animals to Earth due to greenhouse gases in
circulation of the blood from the develop new drugs. the atmosphere trapping infra-red
heart to the lungs and then back Evidence Scientific evidence radiation from the surface.
to the heart and on to the body. should…

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a transplanted organ to prevent independent and the dependent many measurements there are.
rejection. variables are both continuous. Don't forget to ignore any
Independent variable The Line of best fit Used to show the anomalous results.
variable that you have decided to underlying relationship between Meiosis The two-stage process…

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Net Overall. Predator An animal which preys on
Neurones Basic cells of the
P other animals for food.
nervous system which carry Pancreas An organ which produces Prediction A hypothesis that can be
minute electrical impulses around the hormone insulin and many used to design an investigation
the body. digestive…

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Renewable energy Energy from into the stem cells found in Theory A theory is not a guess or a
sources that never run out, embryonic tissue and in some fact. It is the best way to explain
including wind energy, wave adult tissues. why something is happening. E.g.

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Valid Describes an investigation that Wilting The process by which Yield The amount of product formed
successfully gathers the data plants droop when they are short in a chemical reaction.
needed to answer the original of water or too hot. This reduces
question. Data may not be…


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