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Biology 1A ­ Human biology
Biology 1B ­ Evolution and
Chemistry 1A ­ Products from rocks
Chemistry 1B ­ Oils, Earth &
Physics 1A ­ Energy & Electricity
Physics 1B ­ Radiation & the
Universe…read more

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Biology 1A
Human Biology!…read more

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Central Nervous System
Our reaction to any movement / any action
we take occurs because of the Nervous
For example, if you point at the screen, you
are currently making a hand-eye co-
Messages telling what to do are carried by
nerves to and
spinal from the Central Nervous
Information (stimuli) is detected by receptors which is sent as
The CNS consists
electrical of along
impulses only the
thebrain and the
The information is carried within the special cells of the nerves ­
nerve cells
The nerves transfer the message to the CNS which then replies back
and the person will then be able to respond to the situation
This is happening only within a fraction of a second too!…read more

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There is also another way to communicate
between organs which are hormones Glands within the
human body
These are chemicals made by glands.
A gland is an organ that makes and releases
a useful substance.
The release process is called secretion.
These hormones are directly secreted into
blood and are carries all over the body in the blood stream.
They dissolve in the blood plasma and are carried around the body
inside blood vessels.
Most hormones affect just a few organs ­ these are their target
The hormone Adrenaline has more target organ than most hormones
do. It affects the heart, breathing muscles, eyes and digestive system…read more

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Nervous system vs. Hormones
CNS Hormones
These are simply signals of They are chemicals made by
information carried to and glands
from the Spinal cord and brain They're secreted in the blood
As they are travelled by electric and are carried all over the
impulses within the nerves, body in the blood stream
they are far quicker They may take longer to get
These can affect all over the around the body as they cannot
body have sudden responses of the
Particular hormones have
target organs and can't affect
the whole body…read more

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