Cognitive model of depression

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Cognitive explanation-Cognitive model of depression

An individual's mehod of coping can affect the course of the disorder and that thinking processes might cause the disorder.
It does apear that making changes to thinking patterns can help a patient cope with depression.
This suggests that distorted thinking is, at least in part, a cause of depression 

In the 60s, Beck developed developed the cognitive model of depression, which considers three aspects of thinking (cognitive triad). He looked at cognitive errors that people make about themselves, at faulty patterns of thought and schemst and at distorted processing of info.

Seligman put forward a siilar theory when he suggested that depression is a fom of learned helplessness-this is when people learn to give up trying to put things right as they have only experienced failure.

Becks model includes; cognitive triad-a negative view of self, the world and future, cognitive errors-faulty thinking, along with negative and unrealistic ideas, Schemata-patterns of maladaptive thoughts and beliefs

Cognitive triad…


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