Evidence for the cognitive model of unipolar depression


Evidence for the cognitive explanation

  • Hollon et al 2002, found that CBT performed well in controlled trials. It appears that CBT helps for at leased as long as drug treatment.
  • Bothwell and Scott 1997, found that faulty thinking and errors in cognitive processing, especially with regard to needing approval and having low self-esteem, linked witht the symptoms of depression continuing after hospital care.
  • Watkins and Baracaia 2002, found that knowing more about mental process helped to reduce relapse in those with depression and helped to stop them going over thinking in their heads and constantly problem solving (ruminating)
  • Teichman et al 2002, found that self-concept was the most marked link with severity of the depression. As self-concept involves how people see themselves and what they think about themselves in relation to the outside world, this is evidence for the cofnitive model of…


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