Natural Cloning

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Natural cloning: 

  • Clones are genetically identical organisms or cells 
  • They are produced by asexual reproduction where the nucleus is divided by mitosis( creates 2 identical copies of DNA separated into 2 genetically identical cells) 
  • Any individual which reproduces asexually will inevitably produce a clone of itsel

Advantages of natural cloning: 

  • If conditions for growth are good for parent they will be equally good for the offspring 
  • Cloning is rapid- populations increase rapidly in order to take advanatage of suitable environmental conditions 
  • Reproduction can be carried out even if there is only one parent and sexual reproduction is not possible 

Disadvantages of natural cloning: 

  • Offpsing may be overcrowed 
  • No genetic diversity 
  • Population will show little variations
  • Selection is not possible 
  • Population becomes susceptible if the environment becomes less advantageous 

Plant cloning by vegetation propagation: 

  • Differenciation of plant cells is not as complete as in animals 
  • This is because:This means that plants are able to reproduce by cloning 
    • Plant contain cells that retain ability to divide and differenciate into range of type of cell

Runners, Stolons and suckers:

  • Plants that grow horizontal stems can form roots at certain points
  • These stems are called Runners and Stolens as they grow on the surface of the ground 
  •  Those which grow underground are known as Rhizomes (thickened over-wintering


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