Chapter one: sound of the shell

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The sound of the Shell:

Chapter Summary 

  • A group of boys are marooned on an island after a plane evacuating them from a war zone is shot down.
  • Ralph and Piggy are first people you meet in the chapter, Piggy finds a conch Shell, Ralph blows it to summon other survivors.
  • Serval boys, aging from 6-12, appear, this also is the dramatic entrance of the choir led by Jack Merridrew, who is the head boy and chapter chorister.
  • One of the choir boys, Simon, faints, this is where it is revealed he has epilepsy, therefore making him weaker and more of an outcast compared to the other boys.
  • Piggy's nickname is revaled, which causes amusment and bullying amoung the others
  • The boy elect Ralph as chief, this angers and embarrasses Jack as he believes he is a natural leader and believes the role should be his position. To make Jack feel better, Ralph elects Jack as head of the hunters and they both agree that the choir should be hunters
  • Ralph, Jack and Simon explore the Island
  • The boys come across a Piglet, which…


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