Chapter 4 Gatsby blog notes


List all of the rumors told about Gatsby

  • "well, they say he's a nephew or a cousin of Kaiser Wilhelm's. That's where all his money comes from"
  • "He doesn't want trouble with anybody"
  • "Somebody told me they thought he killed a man once"
  • "It's more that he was a German spy during the war"
  • "I heard that from a man who knew aall about him, grew up with him in Germany"
  • "It couldn't be that, because he was in the American army during the war"
  • "I'll bet he killed a man"
  • "well, he told me that he was an Oxford man"
  • "He's a bootlegger"
  • "one time he killed a man who found out that he was nephew to Von Hindenburg and second cousin to the Devil"
  • "He's an Oggsford man"
  • "yeah, Gatsby's very careful about women. He would never so much as look at a friend's wife"

Why does Fitzgerald list all of Gatsby's party guests? What is the effect on the reader?

  • present type of people going to parties to reader+ explain why they go- "a man named Bunsen, whom I knew at Yale", "a whole clan named Blackbuck, who always gathered in a corner and flipped up their noses at whosoever came near", "Edgar Beaver, whose hair, they say, turned white for no good reason at all", "Clarence Endive...had a fight with a bum named Etty", " drunk out on the gravel drive that Mrs Ulysses Swett's automobile ran over his right hand", "Gulick the state senator" and "Benny McClenahan arrived always with four girls". 
  • effect on reader= fascination+ disgust- see that upper class made up of intellectuals who aren't as intellectual as seem- people turn away anyone consider to be outsider- careless people who never seem to be satisfied+ selfish i.e. no reguard for anyone else
  • hedonistic people who come without invitation+ show no interest whatsoever in meeting host+ thanking for hospitality
  • reader fascination stems from Nick- way describes guests+  number of people put into timetable- reader question how many Gats parties Nick been to+ wonder true extent Nick's observant nature- question reliability of info due to unascertinable honesty of narrator

Why does Gatsby tell Nick about his life? Do you believe Gatsby? Does Nick?

  • Gats tells Nick coz seeks Nick's support- predom in regards to Daisy
  • believes if can prove to Nick= respectable member of upper class- Nick more likely to agree to favor (asked through Jordan)
  • prove to Nick= worthy of Daisy, she's Nick's "second cousin once removed"- sense Nick's approval seems equivalent of fam blessing
  • main reason= Gats trying to materialise life- current life entirely self-created, reader argue much like himself, chap 3 "a dim background started to take shape behind him, but at her next remark it faded away"- key "fadeed away- Gats can be considered by reader to be dishonest+ delusional- Nick generally considered more honest (debateable)- combination of extremely different archetypes, reader idea Gats thinks Nick has power make ideal into reality
  • I don't believe Gats- story seems too factually inaccurate…


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