Chapter 7 Gatsby blog notes


Who is Trimalchio? Explain how this describes Gatsby

  • Trimalchio= fictional character, Roman lit= Satyricon
  • iconic= reps lower class character who have moved up social higherachy
  • trim was slave- given freedom- transitioned from lower to upper class through crime+ other dirty means
  • describes Gats- Gats comes from fam struggling farmers- enters high society by making money through criminality? (never confirmed how actually made money)

Describe Daisy and Gatsby's new relationship

Compare George Wilson and Tom. What did each man learn about his wife and how did they each react?

How is Daisy presented in this chapter?

Describe the fight between Gatsby and Tom. What do these men think of eachother? How do their social positions come into conflict here?

What is your reaction to Nick realising it is his birthday?

  • Nick realises moment of great awkwardness+ tension- Tom has literally sent Gats+D off together- after moment awkward silence N realises it's his birthday
  • could have something to do with fact that Tom mentions whiskey- N has been steadily drinking throughout novel- point where they spend time in "the parlour…


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