The Great Gatsby chapter 7 notes

  • p71-72= distant/isolated
  • "it was when...go on"- Gatsby= light
  • "curiosity was at its highest"- becoming intangeable
  • Gatsby replaced all staff in his house with Wolfsheim's- confirms his criminality
  • "balooning"- "weighing"= influence of reality is a physical weight- "weighing"= freedom?
  • heat= pathetic fallacy for tension
  • "we can't move"- direct speech- unchanging- can't change their positions in situation/soceity- inability to move, pushed out of time by Gatsby/can't move forward in time and reality- stasis
  • "like silver idols"- stasis- "enchanted objects"- objectified- loss of movement- inability to act- deity/false God- statues/trophys- echo of Gatsby's silver suit- Gatsby esque/rubbed off on them/ statue esque
  • "afterward...existence before"- evidence of Daisy and Tom's relationship- Gatsby's turn to take part in disbeleif= irony
  • "bles-sed pre-cious"- artifice/fakery- performance of affection
  • "killed a man"- chap 7= criminality intension confirmed, horrifying and more real, on its own carrys more weight, confirms reality- chap 3= silly/cartoonish/unreal, lacked significance because surrounded by rumors…


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