changing roles of men and women in the family

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the following suggest that the gender roles and relationships in the family have changed.conjugal roles are the jobs carried out between husbands and wives in the family. 

over time these conjugal roles have changed.Previously conjugal roles were segregated eg. a woman would do all the cooking and a man would be the breadwinner (go out to work and earn money for the family. Nowadays we have joint conjugal roles this is where men and women do the same sorts of tasks men and women share housework, childcare and careers. This creates the idea of the "new man" a husband and father who may go out to work but also takes part in housework aswell.

symmetrical family

This was suggested by sociologists Young and Willmott they said it was the "typical" type of family in Britain today - they claimed men and women's conjugal roles in the family were becoming more equal and men and women now spend the same amount of time on housework - they


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