The Family

A quick mindmap on all the things you need to know about the family and also included, some theories aswell.

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    • Why's divorce increased
      • Easier
      • Cheaper
      • Women have more power
      • Secular society- less frowned upon
      • more equality- less likely to put up with abuse
      • Increase in life expectancy
      • acceptance of sexuality
    • Functionalists View
      • Family is central figure
      • Performs essential functions
      • If family fails, so does rest of society
      • POSITIVE
        • It is the ideal family
        • Women have less pressure
        • No dual burden
      • NEGATIVE
        • It's outdated
        • Women have more equal role in society
        • Children dont have to suffer
        • Domestic abuse- better to break up
        • women should be stay at home mums
        • women should wait for man
        • cost of living has risen
    • Changes in the role of women
        • Women live longer, more likely to say theres a problem
        • More likely to suffer from poverty due to pensions when older
        • More likely for women to work part time = less money
      • CAREER
        • girls to take boys subjects for example maths and science in higher education
        • women are oppressed by men
        • patriachy, men are the breadwinners
        • women are carers (nurturing)
        • Pause in career due to maternity leave
        • look after the elderlety
        • career break
        • unpaid work -eg help children with hw
    • Reasons for divorce
      • affair
      • domestic violence
      • money/unemployment
      • unhappy
      • family/partner dislike you
      • want to remarry


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