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  • Families
    • Types of families
      • Same-sex
      • Cohabitation
      • Nuclear
      • Extended
      • Reconstituted/ blended/ step
      • Single parent
      • Civil partnership
    • Role of the family
      • Functionalist
        • Murdock's FOUR basic functions
          • Sex drive satisfaction from monogamy
          • Economic needs satisfied from male 'breadwinner'
          • Reproduction
          • Social needs satisfied
        • Talcott Parsons' warm bath theory
      • Marxist
        • The family reproduces capitalist ideologies through:
          • Consumerism
          • False class consciousness
      • Feminist
        • The family reproduces patriarchy through gender roles
          • Ann Oakley: manipulation and canalisation
    • Family diversity
      • Rapoports
        • There are changing expectations for men and women such as women going out to work and men being 'housewives'
          • According to postmodernists, this change is good
      • Less marriage, more cohabitation and more divorce
      • Overall changing expectations
    • Divorce
      • Secularisation
      • Domestic abuse
      • Disagreement/ discontent
      • Not enough time (work)
      • Political marriage
      • Marriage no longer obligatory for status and there is no longer a stigma surrounding divorce


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