Change and Consensus in Education

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SATs and League Tables

Designed to ensure that all children have a similar quality of education and aim to let parents evaluate schools and understand abilities of both schools and children

Opponents however claim that they interfere too much into schools and test children too much

  • Labour supports it
  • Conservatives also support it
  • Opposed by Liberal-Democrats

Higher Education

Most political conflict has perhaps come from this specific area and there are various reasons why the parties are in so much conflict rather than consensus

Nevertheless, ALL major parties do believe the concept of higher education is a positive thing but distinctions have appeared


  • Labour were the first party to introduce fees into university and so continued with 'top-up' fees to £3,000 
  • Lib-dems oppose top up fees and want to go back to where higher education is largely free, this was witnessed in their 2010 manifesto but faced great hypocrisy when fees were raised being in coalition with the Conservative party
  • Conservatives have further increased university fees which can


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