cell theory unit 1


cell theory-

-all living things are composed of cells

-new cells are formed by only the division of pre living cells

-the cell contains inherited infomation (genes)

-metabolic reactions take place within the cells

eukaryotic vs prokaryotic


-plant and animal

-have a nucleus containg membrane bound organelles 


-singled cell organelles

-in bacterial cells

- no nucleus

animal cells

nucleus- contains cells, DNA- control the cell

plasma membrane- protects cell from surroundings, regulates the movement of substances in and out of the cell

nucleolus- dense DNA & protien, makes ribosomes

vesicle- small membrane bound sac, transport and stores substances in the cell

lysommes- destroys old organelles and pathogens

centroles- 2 hallow cylinders, makes spindle in the cell

cytoplasm- fluid in the cell, site of metabolic


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