Biology Exam - M1/Unit 18

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  • Biology Exam - M1/Unit 18
    • Mitosis
      • Cell Circle of Life
        • Mitosis - Cell Division
        • Growth. 'G1'
        • Synthesis 'S Phase'
        • Gadwall
      • Prophase
        • The chromosomes condense and become visible. Each chromosomes consist of 2 chromatids (Sister Chromatids). The spindle fibers start to form centrioles form and move towards opposite end of the cell ("The Polar"). The nuclear membrane dissolves. spindle fibers are produced from Centrioles and attach to each sister chromatic and centromere.
      • Metaphase
        • The centrioles complete their migration on the Poles. The Chromosomes line up in the middle of the cell ("The Equators") the spindle fibers are attracted to the centromere
      • Anaphase
        • The spindle fibers contract this pulls the sister chromatic apart. The sister chromatids are pulled to oppisites poles of the cell. This ensures that each daughter cell gets an identical sets of chromosome
      • Telophase
    • Meiosis


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