Catering revision


Preperation and culinary skills


Different types of cookery terms:

  • Accompaniments: Food that is served along side a dish like vegetables or chips.
  • Al dente: Food that is cooked but when bitten has a firm texture. This is how pasta should be cooked, but not undercooked so it is crunchy.
  • Au gratin: A food that is sprinkled with breadcrumbs/cheese etc and browned. e.g a pasta bake, grating cheese on top and browning it or a chicken kiev, sprinkling with breadcrumbs and cooking.
  • Bain-marie: This is when a large pan is used to place other cooking equipment on top to keep warm or cook very gently. e.g this is how to melt chocolate but this method could be used to keep a dish warm if its ready to serve.
  • Bouquet garni: This is when you add herbs to a dish to improve the flavour. However this is mainly used in soups and stews to flavour the gravy and other ingredients.
  • Brulee: This is when you caramalize something to make a sauce/garnish/topping for a dessert. For example carmalizing sugar to make caramel…


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