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Josh is 16 years of age and attends college where he is studying to be a mechanic. He has a girlfriend called Heidi. Josh likes to play football and has been selected to play for the county under 18's football team. He has two friends Luke and Jono, who attend the same college. They have misssed a lot of lessons because they cannot be bothered to attend. Recently they have started to smoke and drink alcohol. A few weeks ago the police cautioned Luke and Jono for drinking in a public place. Josh is worried about his two friends and their current lifestyles.

aaa= questions

aaa= example paragraphs (not always full marks!)

identify two physical changes that occur in males during adolescence (2)

-voice deepens

-shoulders broaden (2 marks)

describe the factors which might account for Josh having a high self-esteem

factors may include: he's at college and doing a course therefore he is motivated, inspirational, ambitious, sense of purpose and goal focus, been selected for under 18's football team therefore he is fit and has a high level of fitness, has two good friends therefore he is confident, can socialise and feel accepted, has a girlfriend therefore he feels loved and valued, self image is good therefore he is positive, happy and proud.

Josh may have a high self-esteem due to being selected for the under 18's football team as this would make him have a positive self-image and make him realise how good he is at football, also this would make him look at himself in a good way. He could also have a positive/high self-esteem due to having a girlfriend called Heidi who would be someone that he could rely on and trust when he needed someone other than his friends or family (4 marks) 

explain the effect on Luke and Jono's intellectual development of not attending college classes (6)

factors may include: they will fail their courses, get behind in any coursework they're doing, won't develop the skills they require, they will stagnate, can't develop any further, can't develop skills needed for later life, may struggle in the future, lack of earning potential/being able to find a job, could affect their future happiness, job prospects are lowered, greater risk of unemployment.

They would both miss out on important lessons meaning their intellectual ability would decrease and they would then struggle when it came to thinks like mock exams or coursewor. Also not attending college classes could also mean that they are less likely to get  a job due to not requiring the skills they


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