case study 4 - urban migration

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CAATINGA - semi-arid region in North-East Brazil:

  • subject to long periodic droughts 
  • life is very difficult for residents of this region 

PAO FERROU - an example of a settlement within the caatinga region:

  • low standard of living and poor quality of life
  • residents often struggle to access water 
  • frequents droughts - reduced crop yields and often crop failure 
  • most people are absistence farmers - drought affects ability to earn a decent living 
  • health is badly affected - result of malnutrition - affects ability to work 
  • isolated area - limied transport infrastructure
  • limited access to servives e.g health care and education 
  • the village - high infant moratlity rate - lack of doctors - residents inability to pay for medicines

YOUNGER GENERATION - only hope in securing…


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