C1: Particles + Separating Techniques

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2.1: Understand the terms ‘group’ and ‘period’:

Groups are columns in the periodic table, the number of a group represents the number of electrons on an atom's outer shell. There are 8 groups. Periods are rows in the periodic table.


2.2: Recall the positions of metals and non-metals in the Periodic Table:


1.5: Understand the terms: atom and molecule:

An atom is made up of a nucleus (protons and neutrons) and orbitals with electrons on:

A molecule is several identical atoms bonded together.

1.6: Understand the differences between elements, compounds and mixtures:

An element is any amount of one particular kind of atom.

A compound is a combination of two or more different elements.

A mixture is a substance made by combining two or more compounds without each substance chemically bonding.



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