Particles and Structure

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Particles and Structure


Particles are very tightly packed together in an ordered array. The only movement possible for the particles is vibration. The particles do not have a lot of energy.


The particles are very close together but not in a regular arrangement. The particles have more energy and so move more than those in a solid. A liquid flows and can take the shape of a container.


In a gas the particles are constantly moving. The particles have a lot more energy and hit the sides of the gas container. The volume of the gas is only limited by the size of its container. A gas will fill its container.

Separation Techniques


A solution of copper sulphate is heated to get rid of some water. As the water evaporates, the solution becomes more concentrated. The solution is left to cool and crystallise. The crystals are removed by filtering, rinsed with distilled water and dried.

Simple Distillation

This is a way of getting pure solvent out of a solution. It could be used to obtain pure water from ink.

1)   The solution is heated in…


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