Biology revision- joints

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This is a diagram of a joint, with the main parts except joint cavity marked on. (

This is a joint. Joints are a point of articulation between two or more bones, this connection allows motion.

In a joint, bones muscles, tendons and ligaments combine to allow it to carry out work (move)

Parts of a joint:

Bones- rigid tissues that make up the skeleton

Muscle- tissue that contracts and relaxes

Ligaments- connect the bones together in a joint (hold them in position), it is a tough but elastic tissue.

Tendons- connect muscle to bone or muscle to muscle and are a tough but inelastic tissue.

In a synovial joint:

Cartilage- tough tissue that stops the bones grinding together, reducing wear in the joint (like a shock absorber)

Synovial fluid- this is an oily fluid which reduces friction within the joint, allowing it to move more freely.


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