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There are 7 things that all living things do...
M is for move...
R is for respire (release energy from the reaction between glucose and oxygen)...
S is for sensitivity (to light, sound, heat etc.)...
G is for grow...
R is for reproduce (produce young)...
E is for excrete (get rid of waste)...
N is for nutrition (need food)...
It moves, but is it alive?…read more

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Biology Revision
Food Chains and
MRS GREN Variation
Living Things Classifying Living Interdependence
Cells Diet
Body Systems Smoking and Drugs
Muscles and Adaptation and
Microbes and
Skeletons Classification
Human Reproduction
Plants Health
Cells and Systems Photosynthesis
Plants…read more

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Plant and Animal Cells
Animal Cell Plant Cell
Cell Membrane Cell Wall
Holds the cell together Supports the cell
Where reactions take Vacuole
Contains sap
Controls the cell
Makes food for the
cell…read more

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Some Specialised Cells
Cells are adapted for the job that they do. Here are a few
Sperm Cell
Red Blood Cells Long tail for
Muscle Cells. Large surface swimming, head
Long and area so that for getting into
elastic so they oxygen can pass the egg
can stretch. through
Root Hair Cell
Large surface Nerve Cell
area to absorb Long and able to carry
water electrical signals…read more

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Cells, Tissues and Organ Systems
Cells of a particular type join
together to make tissue. The tissue
is part of an organ system. One
example is shown below...
Bone Cells Bone Tissue Skeletal System…read more

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