Bio technology

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  • one of the main environmental concerns related to dyeing and finishing is the use of chemicals in these processes
  • specific problems relate to;
    - colour and pesticides in waste water
    - chemicals from finishing processes
    - toxic heavy metal compounds used in dyeing
  • new biological production processes that are less polluted are being developed; for instance, a new biological scouring and bleaching of fabric has recently been introduced


  • as recently as 1989, it was found that cellulose enzymes could replace the pumice stones which are used to produce stone-washed denim
  • the pumice stones damage clothes, particularly hems and waistbands as well as the machinery
  • most manufacturers now use enzyme treatment
  • this is suitable because the indigo dye hardly penetrates the surface of fibres
  • biostoning provides a number of benefits;
    - less damage to fabric and machinery
    - more…


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