Complete Textiles A Level Revision

Complete revision for Entire AQA Textiles Specification A2 Level

(not taking any responsibility if I have missed something but i have written this inline with the specification!)

Warning - it's 77 pages!!

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Textiles ALevel Revision Jess Marshall
Warmth Absorbency Comfort Handle and Strength Elasticity Aftercare
(comfort) (comfort) (comfort) drape (functional) (functional) (functional)
Natural fibres
Wool Warm to Slow, can Fine wool, very Very soft or Medium Very good. Wash and iron
wear. comfortable. coarse strength, not Creases with care, may
Coarse wool, handle. durable. drop out. shrink. Dry clean.
absorb scratchy. Good drape.
its weight in
water and not
feel wet.
Repels water
droplets. Very
slow drying.
Silk Cool, but Fast, can Very Soft handle Good Very good, Wash and iron
good comfortable. and elegant strength. creases with care, best
insulation so drape. drop out. dry cleaned.
warm as absorb
well. its weight in
Cashmere Very warm. Slow Soft and Luxurious Notdurable. Good Wash with care.
Excellent absorbency. luxurious. handle, light, elasticity.
thermal Excellent good drape. Crease
insulation. comfort. resistant.
Mohair Good Poor. Excellent, Luxury Durable, Good. Use extreme
thermal luxurious. handle, light hardwearing. Crease care.
insulation. and good 10% stronger resistant.
35% warmer drape. than wool.
than wool.
Cotton Cool to wear Highly Very Soft handle. Good Poor. Wash, boil, iron
unless absorbent. comfortable Good drape. strength, Creases damp. May shrink.
brushed. Slow drying. unless wet. abrasion easily.
and durability.
Angora Very warm. Slow. Very soft Soft handle. Durable. Fair Hand wash, cool.
2 X warmer Average elasticity. Do not tumble dry.
than wool. drape.
Ramie Average Good Very Can have One of the Little Can be washed
warmth absorbency comfortable stiff or brittle strongest elasticity. or drycleaned.
especially in handle. natural fibres.
warm weather Doesn't Even stronger
drape well when wet.
due to Not very
stiffness. durable.
Linen Fresh and Highly Stiffer and Firm handle. Good strength Poor. Wash, boil, easily
cool to absorbent. Fast harder than Smooth and durability. Creases ironed.
wear. drying. cotton. surface. very badly.
Good drape.
Viscose Low More absorbent Comfortable to Soft or firm Lower Poor. Washable. Easy
warmth. than cotton. wear. handle. strength than Creases to iron.
Good drape. cotton. easily.
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Jess Marshall
Textiles ALevel Revision
Lyocell Low Very good Very Excellent Stronger than Poor. Disposable.
(high warmth. absorbency. comfortable. handle. other cellulose Totally
performance More absorbent Good drape. fibred, biodegradable,
viscose fibre) than cotton. including can be recycled.
cotton and Biodegrades in 8
many types of days.
Rubber Good, high Low Uncomfortable Stretchy, Good natural Excellent. Sensitive to light,
(natural ­ from warmth. absorbency. due to lack of poor drape. stretch. Does not oils, solvents and
latex) breathability. crease. grease.…read more

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Textiles ALevel Revision Jess Marshall
handle, shrink.
good drape. Thermoplastic.
Fibres are the basis for all textiles. You need to know the difference between natural and synthetic
fibres, how each fibre is used, and which fibres can be combined together.
Textile materials are made in three stages:
1. spinning: fibres are spun into yarns
2. weaving or knitting: yarns become fabrics
3.…read more

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Jess Marshall
Textiles ALevel Revision
Expensive luxury fabric for coats, and suits
Luxury knitwear
Luxury interior textiles for cars, planes and yachts
Hair of the angora goat, from Texas, South Africa, Turkey, shorn twice a year
Produced as staple fibres
Soft, silky, luxury handle and touch
Good thermal insulator ­ 35% warmer than wool
Durable, hardwearing ­ 10% stronger than wool, creaseresistant, dyes well
Dustrepellent, fireresistant
Expensive due to limited supply
Typically blended with wool, cotton and silk
Expensive worsted fabrics for suiting
Eveningwear…read more

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Thanks so much this is the best A levle revision material I have ever found :)

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Hi. This resource is amazing. Thank you for sharing. I hope that you don't mind, but I've added to it and shared the updated version to my blog. 


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