Modern and smart textiles

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  • Modern and Smart textiles
    • examples
      • Microfibre
        • Technology:Woven polyester
        • Properties: lightweight, soft, good drape, breathable and shower-proof
        • End-use: Raincoats and active sportswear
      • Polar Fleece
        • Technology:brushed polyester and warp knit
        • Properties: lightweight, soft, breathable and warm
        • End-use: fleece, jumpers and blankets
      • Heat sensitive
        • Thermochromatic
        • Properties: micro-encapsulated dye can change colour in response to heat (lasts about 5-10 washes)
        • End-use: children's clothes, sports clothing, fire-fighters clothing and wound dressings
      • Micro-encapsulation
        • Technology: different micro-encapsulated embedded in the fibres
        • Properties: gives off an aromatic scent, can reduce body odour, can provide vitamins, medicines or reduce skin irritation
        • End-uses: underwear, anti-bacterial socks, medicinal textiles
      • Light sensitive
        • Photochromatic dyes
        • Smart pigments change could in response to sunlight
        • End-use: T-shirts and military clothing
    • Introduction
      • Designed to maximise characteristics such as lightness, breathability, waterproofing etc
      • They sense, react and adapt to the conditions around them
        • React to: Temperature, light, pressure, moisture and time
      • Uses: novelty clothing, protective clothing, safety equipment
    • Thermochromatic colour
      • Textiles change colour with heat. Engineered to change colour at a particular temperature
      • Medical uses- crystal fabric ***** thermometers and baby suits to monitor temperature


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