Belief about Deity - Islam

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Unit B601- Paper 1

Belief about Deity- Islam.

Nature of God. Muslims are MONOTHEISTS- believe in one God or deity, Allah. This belief is called Tawhid.

Shahadah- there is no God but Allah and Muhammad Pbuh is the messenger of Allah.

Allah is eternal (always existing), with no physical body and is everywhere at all times.

Allah is creator and sustainer of the world (and everything that exists) and has a purpose for it. Humans should care for all of Allah's creation.

Allah will judge everyone; Muslims should accept Allah's authority in their everyday lives. They are Allah's representatives on Earth.

Allah is OMNIPOTENT (all powerful) and OMNISCIENT (all knowing)


this comes from the teachings of Qu'ran, the life and example of Muhammad.

Observation of the created world also leads to belief- there must be a creator. Allah's action in the world also leads to belief of 99 names of Allah. Note, there isn't any images of them whatsoever.

Muslims believe that the Qu'ran was revealed to Muhammad and is the direct word of Allah.



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