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What is meant by the term `miracle'? (A01- 8 Marks)

One feature of any religion is the concept of miracles. It is important for philosophers to understand what is meant by
the term miracles because they underpin many world religions. For believers miracles are an example of God
intervening in…

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Comment on the view that arguments against miracles are stronger than those arguments in
support of them (A02-22 marks)

David Hume, despite offering Hume's criticism on the topic of miracles has been the strongest argument against
miracles. He put forward two points that contradict the religious experience, if miracles did…

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Swinburne also critiqued Hume's second point of relying on other people and their testimony; he said that we should
believe the testimony of others if they are not drug users or known liar through the Principle of Testimony.
Swinburne's principle of testimony is highly convincing, we should people if they…

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now because the natural law still hasn't been discovered yet with further examination of such things as the water or
other conditions at Lourdes, there could be a scientific explanation. Such a sceptic view has led to atheists trying to
investigate other miracles to find more scientific or naturalistic explanations…


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