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Beliefs of Deity
module 1
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St Thomas Aquinas -
Cosmological argument
Nothing comes from nothing
The universe exists so must
have come from something
That something is god
There may have been no
It may have just started of
its own accord
Who made God?
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William Paley - Teleological/
Design Argument
A watch can't have been created
by chance, it's been designed
The world is more complex than
a watch, it must have been
Design has a designer, god
May have been chance
Things haven't always been so
perfect, Darwins theory shows
they've adapted to look like
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Moral argument
Our conscience is God talking to
Our inbuilt sense of right and
wrong is God
Nurture not nature
Lessons from when we were
young become part of our
unconscious mind that tell us
something is wrong
It has been easier over
generations to get along so we
do and teach others the same
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Religious experience and
miracle argument
Nicky Cruz and Jellyfish man had
no reason to convert
Bernadette of Lourdes and the
healing spring
Padre Pio and the stigmata
Unexplainable numinous experiences
May not be genuine
Science does not yet have all of the
May be wrong
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Problem of evil
God is all powerfull so must have
the power to stop evil
God is all loving so must want to
stop evil
Why is there still evil?
Devil causes evil, God fights it but
cannot completely defeat it
God gave us free will because he
loves us and we cause evil
God uses evil to punish or test us
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Words to describe God
Omnipotence: God is all powerful
Omniscience: God is all knowing
Omnipresent: God is eternal, no
beginning or end
Omnibenevolence: God is all
Omnipresence: Gods precence is
everywhere at the same time
Transcedence: God is above all
Immanence: God is within all
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The holy trinity
Father - God
Son - Jesus
Holy spirit
Father is powerfull and in
Son is personal to us and came
to earth in human form
Holy spirit is close to us but
impersonal, God inspires people
through the holy spirit
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Nicky Cruz was a gang leader in New York, he killed
people without a thought but one day heard a
preacher and converted to Christianity
Jellyfish man was an atheist but was stung by 5 box
jellyfish, he should have died but survived and said
he'd talked with God
Bernadette of Lourdes saw visions of Mary and was
told by her to dig up a spring, the spring is said to have healing qualities.…read more


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