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Revision for OCR GCSE Philosophy

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Belief about deity

The Nature of God:

  • God was incarnate on Earth as Jesus
  • He did this to redeem mankind and heighten our sanctity of life
  • "That which is unassumed is unhealed" - therefore by Jesus assuming life on Earth he healed our sins and healed us.

Key words:

  • omniscient - all knowing
  • omnipotent - all powerful
  • omnipresent - everywhere
  • omnibenevolent - all loving
  • perichoretic community- ultimate ontological community
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Key Arguments:

Christian Arguments:

  • Cosmological argument - Saint Thomas Aquinas. Everything that exists has a cause of its existence. The universe exists, therefore the universe has a cause of existence which must be God.
  • Teleological argument - William Paley. Everything has a designer, it cannot be random. Therefore the world must have a designer. God must be the designer.

Atheistic Arguments:

  • Feuerbach's argument - He says that there is no God, it is simply a creation of our mind to give us hope. "We project our own image onto God."
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What is the Bible?

  • 66 books (39 Old Testament, 27 New Testament)
  • 41 writers (all male, except there is debate about one possible female)
  • OT was written in Hebrew
  • NT was written in Greek
  • Jesus spoke Aramaic 

Old Testament:

New Testament:

Genres: History, Gospels, Letters, Prophecy

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