Belief about Deity

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Belief about Deity

Christians = Montheists, they believe in ONE God

Holy Trinity = 3 essences 1 being, all god, not each other

Ontological arguement = by Anselm; nothing greater can be concived, so god must exist or we wouldn't be able to make this assumption.

Cosmoligical argument = Thomas Aquinas; First cause of the universe was god, everythin has a first cause(dominoes effect)

Teleological arguement = William Paley; the watch arguement, everything must have a greater.

Other arguments = argument from experience and moral argument - right and wrong

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' A miracle is an event unexplainable by human knowledge and science'

a miracle in the old testament - parting of the red sea, moses did it through God 

A miracle in the NT - turnming water to wine

four accounts of jesus performing miracles

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