Behavioural Perspective (strengths and weaknesses)

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  • the behaviourist perspective has many practical applications. from research within this perspective, programmes have been set up to help people's development and encourage positive behaviour. as well as prompting much future research. Eg Watson and Raynor demonstrated through the process of CC with Little Albert and the rat. this suggests that if phobias can be learned, they can be unlearned. this led to creation of systematic desensitisation to change association from fear to calm. This is a strength of the perspective as the development of treatments for disorders is beneficial for both indivs and society and it will also stimulate further research into the effectiveness of treatments.
  • the behaviourist perspective has a scientific approach to its research. the aims is to operationalise the behaviours that are being observing to produce objective data. Eg Bandura operationalised aggression to obectively measure it. eg imitation of verbal responses 'pow' 'sock him


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