Behaviourist Perspective

Assumptions, strengths and weaknesses


Behaviourist Perspective


- All behaviour is learned and shaped by the environment.

- When we are born we are considered to be a 'tabula rasa' (blank slate) and the environment determines who we become.

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- The behaviourist perspective has useful attributions - Bandura - we need to know about role models for children to reduce aggression - it raises the status of psychology if people see research being done then it can be used to help real life situations.

- The data is objective, quantitative and scientific - Savage Rumbaugh - they measured everything, all communications and utterences - this allows for comparison and conclusions can be drawn.

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- It is reductionist as it says only consequences affect behaviour, it rules out brain function - Bandura - only counted acts of aggression, ignored emotional response - it is a narrow, heavily nurtured view on behaviour.

- Ethics can be a problem - Bandura - manipulating aggression, the children may become distressed - it gives a wrong view towards psychology.

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