Origins of psychology

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  • Origins of psychology
    • Wundt
      • considered the 'father of psychology'
      • structuralism approach: structure of human mind into basic elements
      • Wundt using scientific methods leading to different psychological perspectives
    • Introspection
      • technique used by Wundt; patients reflected on their own cognitive processes
      • Weaknesses: behaviourists (Watson) questioned subjective data; not using empirical methods as conscious thoughts can't be observed/ measured
    • Psychology as a science
      • behaviourist approach born using highly controlled, lab setting
      • objective, replicable, empirical methods
        • based on fact, repeat to give same findings, can be observed/ measured
      • strengths: accurate/ controlled & objective studies; causes of behaviours established and testable theories can lead to treatments i.e. depression
        • weaknesses: lab settings lack mundane realism; not all behaviour/ mind can be observed so cannot be measured scientifically


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