Background to Mark's Gospel

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What is a Gospel?

The Gospel are in the New Testament along with the history of the Early Church, letters and revelation (prophecy). They contain the teachings of Jesus and the stories about him. The term Gospel means Good News and Mark's Gospel aims to tell the good news about Jesus to deepen faith. It isn't objective but is written by a believer for other believers or potential converts.

Why are the Gospels important to Christians?

Most Christians believe that the Gospels contain the word of God and have a special authority because their authors were guided by God and therefore contain no mistakes. They believe the stories are historically accurate and Christians should obey all the teachings.

However, other Christians believe that, although God inspired the authors, they could still make mistakes and changes could occur as the stories were handed down from person to person. They believe that the meaning behind the stories are what really matters.

Reasons for writing the Gospel:

  • To communicate the Word of God
  • To deepen the faith of believers
  • To convert potential believers to Christianity
  • To communicate the teachings of Jesus so that we can follow them.

When was Mark's Gospel written? Is it reliable?

It is thought to be written in Rome shortly before or after 70 CE…


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