RS background to marks gospel

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  • background to marks gospel
    • why was the gospel written
      • witnesses were dying out
      • beliefs about christianity began changing
      • to give faith to christians facing persecution
      • so everything jesus did would be remebered
    • who was mark
      • mysterious man who witnesses jesus arrest
      • marks mother owned the room of the last supper
    • why were christians unpopular
      • Romans worshiped many gods whereas Christians only worshiped 1
      • seen as unsociable as they didnt go to parties
      • nero blamed christians for the great fire in rome
    • marks sources
      • sources say that mark got a lot of his information for peter, Jesus disciple.
      • mark wouldve witnessed some of the events himself
      • other witnesses - mark wouldve met some other people in life
    • calming of the storm
      • jesus told the wind and the waved to be still
      • why are you so affraid? do you have no faith?
      • seas represent the church sailing over the rough lives to god
      • inspired people to have trust and faith in god


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