B1.4 - Interpendence and Adaptation

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Quick Notes:

Population: All the members of a single species that live in a habitat.

Why are polar bears white? To camouflage them so their prey cannot see them.

Animals in hot climates have larger ears because? Big ears loose heat quicker than smaller ears.

Wasps and bees have black and yellow stripes because... The stripes warn other animals that wasps and bees are dangerous.


Plants Compete for:

Space: They need room for their leaves to spread out to obtain light for photosynthesis.

Food: Absorb nutrients from soil.

Water: Absorb water by their roots.

Animals Compete for:

Space: They need space to breed and compete for a mate. They also need space to hunt in.

Food: Herbivores compete for vegetation and Carnivores compete for prey.

Water: Need water in order to survive.

When organisms compete in an area or habitat, those that are better adapted to the…


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