Atheism and Postmodernism - January 2009 essay plan

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07 Explain the key ideas of a postmodernist view of religion

Post modernism meaning 'after modernism' is a critique of social constructs.

Post modernism is the denial of 'absolute truth' in religion, this therefore rejects that there is 'absolute truth' in anything. For example, a post modernist would reject a Christians abolute claim to truth that Jesus is the saviour of the world and suggest that we cannot be sure of anything. There are many 5 main aspects of postmodernism, which are used to reject an abolute truth claim; Religion as a cultural constuct, No right or wrong religions, Religion as a Personal Spirital Search, The Pick and Mix approach and living rather than intellectual faith.

No right or wrong religions

Because a postmodernist would suggest that there is no 'abolute truth' it has been suggested that there are therefore no 'right' or 'wrong' religions. Os Guiness writes 'there is no truth, only truths' suggesting that nothing can be certain, but we all have our own individual 'mini narratives' much like Jung, it is argued that religion…


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