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'Octomom' backlash causes US states to propose new
laws on fertility clinics
MacKenna Roberts
Progress Educational Trust
09 March 2009[BioNews, London]
Public outrage over the IVFconceived octuplets born in January to Nadya Suleman in California has
led US legislators in Missouri and Georgia to propose laws that would limit the…

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Birth of octuplets to mother of six prompts
investigation of US fertility doctor
MacKenna Roberts
Progress Educational Trust
17 February 2009

[BioNews, London]
The decision to implant six embryos into Nadya Suleman leading
to the birth of octuplets has attracted international opprobrium.
The 33yearold unemployed single mother already had six…

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to transfer multiple embryos at her request despite knowing the
risks and defended that Dr Kamrava did 'nothing wrong'.

Most countries' guidelines warn against multipleembryo transfer
as too risky for the mother and children. 'I am deeply disappointed
that any fertility clinic... anywhere, would do this,' commented
Colorado reproductive endocrinologist…

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UK government considers allowing gametes to be frozen for up to 55 years
Katy Sinclair
Progress Educational Trust
23 February 2009

BioNews, London]
Draft regulations proposed by the UK government would allow men and women at risk from infertility
to freeze their sperm and eggs for a maximum of 55…

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60 yearold woman gives birth to twins in Canada after fertility treatment
Sarah Guy
Progress Educational Trust
17 February 2009

A 60 yearold woman has sparked controversy in Canada by travelling to India to
receive fertility treatment after years of failed attempts to conceive naturally.
Ranjit Hayer, originally from…

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contracts they sign. Egg donation is also widely desired by foreign patients, and
according to Dr Gupta, has been on the increase since the economic downturn.
New screening technique developed in UK clinic may improve IVF success rate
Nadeem Shaikh
Progress Educational Trust
04 February 2009
A British fertility clinic…

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and is not available on the NHS. The British Fertility Society says that more
studies are required.


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