Postmodernism as a threat to religion

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  • Postmodernism as a threat to religion
    • Postmodernism can, however, be seen to pose a serious threat to traditional religious belief.
    • Its view that we cannot have any 'absolute truth' contradicts with many religions who identify themselves as the 'one true religion'
      • For example, in Christianity, Jesus is identified as 'the way, the truth and the life'
      • Even religious pluralism and other religions that are tolerant of other faiths generally maintain that there is an ultimate truth and reality behind all of these
      • Most postmodernists are open to the possibility of God. Which many people would argue is woefully inadequate as a baisis of 'faith'
    • Cupitt's anti-realist approach to God would be considered by many believers to be a simple admission of atheism, in all but name.
    • Although practice is important, so too is faith. Living rather than intellectual faith.
    • By rejcting all truths, it is harder to have a moral grounding in which to base. Any moral action you may have could arguably go against post-modernism as its open to religious teaching about tollerence and respect.
    • Post modernism by allowing so much freedom of thought may challenge moral boundaries which religion is based. Given the importance attached by religions to moral behaviour, a system that challenges the very basis of right and wrong must be seen as a serious threat.
    • The pick and mix approach is another threat to religion as it portrays believers as consumers and makes religion seem fleeting and materialistic with everyone choosing what they want.


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