Aspects of the USA: Full notes from the BBC bitesize Videos

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The Roaring 20's:

  • America entered the age of consumerism where people had money to spend on consumer goods.
  • The spending stimulated industry and business, leading to massive change in entertainment and leisure. 
  • Fashion changed, bringing in bobbed hair, shorter skirts, make up and cigarettes. These woman were known as flappers.
  • Certain woman won the right to votes, and new laws meant that woman could file for a divorce. 
  • However, more the 60% lived below the poverty line.

Industry and social change: 

  • Industrial production virtually doubled in the 1920's. America was in the cycle of prosperity.
  • The 5 causes of this were isolationism, technology, mass production, hire purchase and shares. 
  • Isolationism- the government imposed high import tariffs to limit foreign competition and to keep out of foreign affairs.
  • Technology- advances led to the rise in the electrical, chemical and film industries and new products were available to buy.
  • Mass production- Henry Ford's assembely line method increased car production, other factories copied this so mass production spread.
  • Hire purchase- buying now and paying later meant that more people could afford products and increased the demand for goods.
  • shares- business raised money for expansion by selling shares on the stock exchange.

Problems in the 1920's:

  • Farmers, industrial workers and African Americans all struggled in this period.
  • Farms were producing too much, which led to food prices dropping. 
  • Farm Labourers earned around $49 a mouth where as a skilled factory worker could earn $140 a mouth.
  • Because of America's high import tariffs, countries put customs duties on all American goods. This reduced American exports.
  • Modern machinery and electricity meant facotries


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