AS EDEXCEL Music- Poulenc context question

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Poulenc Context question


  • Ternary form.
  • Section A- bars 1- 25.
  • Section B- bars 26-57.
  • Section A1- bars 58-89.
  • Coda bars 86-89- chromaticism and is atonal.


  • Periodic phrasing at bars 1-4.
  • Motivic development at bar 40 in the horm there is a fragmented version of the main theme.
  • Some passages of chromaticism and chromatic scales- bars 86-87.
  • Irregular phrasing at bars 53-55.
  • Harmonisation of the melodic line in 6ths at bars 9-17.


  • E flat major at bar 26 s unre;ated to the


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