As AQA Law - Law-Making Process.

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The law-making procedure in Parliament starts off with a green paper being drafted. A green paper  is a consultative government publication of a speicifc topic, e.g. "Draft Dangeous Dogs" was published in April 2013 and focusing on tackling dangerous dogs. It's then drafted into a white paper which are firm proposals of the first bill. E.g. "Water White Paper." They can pass public bills which involve matters of public policy and affects the general public. Most government bills start off as public bills, e.g. Legal Services Act 2007. Another type of bill is a Private Member's bill which are introduced by private member of parliaments known as back benchers through ballot or ten-minute rule the majority of the time, e.g. Abortion Act 1967. 

The bill is then passed into either the House of Lords or the House of Commons


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