Archaeology - Otzi

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  • Otzi 's last meal was the meat of a wild goat that lives in the mountains of Europe, half an hour to two hours before his death.
  • Researchers have long known about some of Otzi's earlier meals. Based on ***** material removed from his bowels, we know he dined on red deer meet and possibly cereal in the hours leading up to his death. But much more recently, a team led by microbiologist Frank Maixner finally spotted Otzi's stomach when they reexamined tomography scans taken in 2005. The organ, which was strangely elevated in the iceman's body, was also rather full.
  • Maixner sequenced the DNA of the animal fibers found in Otzi's belly to confirm that the copper age hunter had been busy digesting ibex meat when he died.
  • Another talk at the Mummy Expo revealed that Otzi wasn't one for dental hygiene. 3D scans of the 35 to 40 year old'steeth revealed periodontal disease and various cavities,




What is ''Based on ***** material removed''

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