AQA Geography - Changing places


Accessibility - How easy it is to travel to a place or interact with an individual.

Attachment - A sense of binding to a particular location due to positive and intense


Built Environment - The buildings and infrastructure within an urban area.

Capital - Productive assets, goods or financial stakes.

Commuter - An individual who regularly travels a distance between their residence and

their employment.

Cultural Enrichment - The addition of ideas, traditions and beliefs due to the arrival of new


Culture - The way of life of a particular group of people at a particular time, generally

customs and beliefs.

Demographic - The characteristics of a population.

Deprivation - Individuals lack basic services or objects they would expect to have in the

21st Century.

Diversity - Variation within a population, in their characteristics, background and behaviour.

Endogenous Factor - Factors based on local characteristics or perspective originating

from inside the place.

Ethnicity - The cultural background of a group of people, often based on religion or country

of origin.

Ethnic Clustering - Residential areas with similar cultures, ethnicity or religions. This may

be to avoid isolation or to live locally to special services and facilities (places of worship,

local shops, etc.)

Exogenous Factor - Factors based on characteristics or perspective originating from

outside the place, commonly referred to as flows.

Experienced Places - Locations a person has visited in their lifetime.

Far Places - Places that feel distant, physically or emotionally.

Genius Loci - The ‘spirit’ of a place, based on its history, culture and daily atmosphere.

Gentrification - Renovation of older/deteriorating buildings…


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