AO2- The ways in which meanings are shaped (Relevant for all texts at A-Level English Literature)

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Structure for Othello


Structure for All My Sons

  • Chronological Events, Flashbacks, Climax, Anti-Climax (disappointing end to impressive series of events), Cyclical effect and Repetition

  • Conflict and Change

  • Naturalistic (Realism), Non-Naturalistic (Idealism) and Dramatic Effects

  • Choice of Setting

  • Use of Allegory (story which reveals a hidden meaning usually moral or political)

  • Inclusion of Protagonist, Antagonist and Catalyst (Climax that can not occur without them e.g. Iago in Othello and Joe in All My Sons)

  • Stage Directions, Set, Status, Act Opening/Ending, Scene Opening and Ending, Entrance/Exit with opening and closing lines, dramatic irony (Iago is cynical and audience knows this), Pace, Tension/Suspense and Surprise, Twist and Comic Relief (inclusion of a humorous character, scene, or witty dialogue in an otherwise serious work, often to relieve tension)

  • How characters are accepted (Othello through marrying Desdemona and being a General, Joe Keller through family and neighbours)

  • How characters are presented: Physical Appearance, Actions and Motives, What they think and say, How they interact with others and What others think and say about them

  • How far the characters conform to or subvert stereotypes (Othello being ‘the black moor of Venice)

  • Functions of Minor characters (Lodovico, Clown for comic relief, Senators and Duke for Religious references of the time)

  • Relationships between characters (Joe Keller’s relationship with his family and neighbourhood and Othello’s relationship with Brabantio, Iago and Roderigo)  

  • Dialogue, Use of Monologues (Othello, Iago, Roderigo, Desdemona, Emilia, Joe, Kate), Soliloquy (speaking thoughts aloud when alone or disregarding others), Asides (Character talks to the audience and other characters are oblivious of this e.g. Iago and Othello, Joe), Metaphorical, Poetic (‘moth of peace’) Symbolism (handkerchief and apple tree)

  • Verse and Prose

  • Authorial Intrusion (Author moves away from the story and speaks in their own voice)

  • Character’s personal Vocabulary and Syntactic Patterns (the way words are ordered…


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