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Character analysis
Unlike other characters in Anthony and Cleopatra, Enobarbus does not
feature heavily in Plutarch ­ rather his character is almost wholly
Shakespeare's creation. Unlike the traditional tragedy Anthony and Cleopatra has no true chorus, the closest
we see to this is Enobarbus. He provides insights into the…

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Anthony's fortunes have corrupted honest men and gives a wider dimension to the tragedy of the

Everyone recognises that Enobarbus is in some sense a chronic figure. He comments on the action and
characters in every scene in which he appears, and we are bound to look at both…

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Historically he was professional soldier who had had an important command under Pompey at the
battle of Pharsalia. If Shakespeare knew this fact from Plutarch's life of Pompey, he would know that
Enobarbus had changes sides and was not unduly concerned with the rights and wrongs of the side…

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other texts. Litotes: The opposite of a hyperbole where the significance of something is
Lyric: A short non-narrative poem that has a solitary speaker and that usually expresses a
particular feeling, mood, or thought.
Metaphor: A word which does not precisely or literally refer to the entity to which…

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Tragicomedy: A literary work which combines elements of both tragedy and comedy.
Tragicomic plays were quite common during the Elizabethan and Jacobean periods of English

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Section A:…

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response. If you have no critical interpretations I have been lovely enough to attach a few. I still
expect you to find some more. [10 marks]
A04: This is your context, the "history" bit. Talk about the opinions of contemporaries, or how their
culture would have affected the reading compared…


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